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Identity Theft: What to Do, Who To Call

The vehicle history report available on this site may require you to make a purchase. The NICB assumes no liability for the transaction or the product purchased.

If you'd like further historical information on this vehicle , visit ClearVin. An additional charge will apply to purchase a report.

Secrets of a former credit card thief

If you're searching a motorcycle , click for additional information from CycleVIN. If you would like further historical information regarding this vehicle , visit VinAudit. Then they reinstall all the pieces they removed and suddenly they have a complete, legally owned car, which they can sell.

How to Know the Manufacturing Year and Build Date of Your Vehicle VIN

Check out a TV news report on this crime warning, this YouTube video, Vehicle Cloning , may be preceded by an unconnected ad β€” it has nothing to do with Scambusters. NICB also has a service for law enforcement and insurers to translate VINs, which contain coded information about the vehicle make, model and engine size. Also, of course, you should be on the alert for car deals that seem too good to be true, extremely low odometer readings, and individual sellers who seem cagey about their identity or address. Even big and respected dealers have been known to flout consumer laws, for example by implying discounts are more widely available than they really are, or simply misrepresenting the true price.

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All you can do is be vigilant. Often, scam artists will provide the phone number of a random pay phone.

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